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privacy and processing of personal data

  1. Using this platform, you accept to share the informations included into your artwork. You accept to show your artwork and the title or name associated under the privacy policy, through the Destinations project hosted in the website

  2. Your informations will be used in the Destinations  project only, handled directly by Galleria BKK.

  3. Your informations won't be transferred to third parties for any secondary purpose.

  4. It is the artist who spontaneously chooses to give his personal informations and he is totally free to give or not his registry name, his pseudonym or a fancy name.


  1. Destinations reserves the discretion to refuse to accept artworks that propose or show violence, sexism, racism, terrorism, pornography or any useless and destructive direction.

  2. Destinations reserves the discretion to delete any content, at any time and for any reason. Simmetrically, with your written (email) or vocal request, any hosted artist should ask to be removed from the platform in any time and for any reason. In this case, all your material will be deleted from the website and erased from the digital media.

  3. Both the artists and the visitors can share comments,  links to personal or third party websites, to videos or images that talk about the artwork and in general about the Destinations project philosophy.

  4. Destinations will keep the original content of your artwork. Destinations can only modify the environment that host the artwork, or move the exhibition room to another floor inside the Destinations virtual building, at his own discretion or according to the artist.

  5. Your quotes can point out at any arts, for example music, movies, theater or others, but with no copyright infringement.

  6. Destinations is not responsible in any way about visitors comments in the blog and reserves the discretion to delete any argument, fight or unwelcome messages at any time.

  7. For the project launching, Destinations has no limits about the artworks quantity for every artist to join. For managing reasons and if we need it we could fix this limit in the future.


  1. Any aspect about the rights of the artwork will totally remain to the artist and creator who maintains the full copyrights.

  2. The artist exhibits his own artwork in the Destinations environment, presenting it as original and self-created and taking full responsibility for any third party copyright infringement (aware/unaware).

  3. Artists and visitors can add links in their own websites pointing at the website who host the Destinations project stating the sources.

  4. Destinations reserves the rights of original graphics and virtual architectures, generated with the open-source software Blender (

  5. Destinations uses the public YouTube platform to manage video and music.


  1. Destinations is a spontaneous sharing movement that doesn't ask any joining/periodic fee.

  2. Destinations offer space and architecture, the artist fills it with his own artworks. This balances the microcosm, that's why it's free.

Have a good sharing and a good vibration.



Concept_Design_Developing: Andrea Ciccone @ Galleria BKK 2019

spazio per la tua arte


your space your art


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