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Design: On Demand.

Can't you find what you really like? Let's create it together: I'm at your disposal.


Easy way.

You can describe me your idea of furniture, what kind of items you're gonna to put inside and also, if you want, show me your project draft.

You wanna enjoy the sight of wood?

Or maybe you prefer it color painted?

A tall library? A deep chest of drawers?

We can talk about it inside the shop, or you can also ask for informations and contact me by email.


The more details you give me...

The better and precise your quotation will be!

Some examples of furnitures already made?

Take a look here: 

I work on the complete process path:

_ 2D Draft

_ Rendering with wooden texture

   and every 3D point of view

   we need

_ Hand-made creations built with 

   full wood structure


_ Color at your choice

Carving on surfaces

   Example: vegetation, your logo,


_ Waxing, Antique FX and

   particular colors for unique results



_ Door to Door Delivery



_ Rates of Production are indicated

   in the item detail box

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