Buy safely using the main circuits: Credit CardPaypal or Bank Transfer.


Galleria BKK works with the most used Credit Cards circuits and Paypal platform

like million of users do in these years.

If you prefer you can choose the Bank Transfer.

Follow these easy steps to set your online purchase:

1. Choose your item in the Shop section

- Select Colour or Size

- Select Quantity

- Choose "Spedizione Italia" or "Shipping to Europe" with the shipping fee included

     or select "Ritiro in Negozio" if you prefer to pick up the item directly in the shop later.

- Click Aggiungi al Carrello that means Add to the Cart




- You'll see a pop-up window: Click Visualizza Carrello to see your Cart




2. If you want pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer click Checkout,

       otherwise you can choose Paypal

If you want you

can add special


by clicking here...

3. Insert your details, specially E-Mail and Phone Number for any other contact, warnings

       and to receive the Promotional Credit that you create with your purchase.


Please fill the module also with your complete home address.

4. Select "Spedizione verso Italia" to ship to Italy, "Shipping to Europe" or "Ritiro presso il Punto Vendita" to pick up your item later in the shop.

5. Choose Purchase Modality you prefer:

> Credit Card

> Paypal

> Pagamento



   If you choose

   Bank Transfer 

   to the bank

   account indicated

Ok, Done!  Then you'll get a message with the Order Number and you'll be contacted back during                                      the shipping process.

...and write down

in this square



for delivery please ring

the bell named "M1"

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